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Back From The Dead

2012-12-13 21:26:16 by Gamewiz

Started visiting NG again, finally. I just can't seem to leave you fuckers for too long. This site is like my internet home. Oh well..

<3 you all!

Newgrounds Police Department!

2012-07-28 15:53:01 by Gamewiz

As we stand, right now. The Newgrounds Police Department (NGPD) is struggling for activity and members. We're currently in the process of starting a new plan of action to revive the crew and possibly inaugurate a new leader.

The NGPD's main mission is to eliminate trash from the Flash Portal. Blamming pure trash, and protecting what deserves to stay. We strive to make sure all abusive content is flagged and removed. All stolen flashes, unsuitable content (such as real life porn, real animal abuse, ect).. Really anything that violates these guidelines.

But we still need members. New members breath life and activity into old clubs like the NGPD, and it is also great to have more people fighting the good fight. So here's what you need!

Badge: Security Guard - Police Captain
Post count of at least 50
Post Quality: Generally longer that 1 line, posts staying on topic with the thread, little to no picture spam, decent grammar... Ect.

If you meet these requirements, please feel free to check in to the official Newgrounds thread, found in Clubs and Crews and leave a post saying how you'd like to join. Also, feel free to lurk around a bit.

After you've ranked out of the NGPD, (moving into the Private badge from Police Captain). You're always welcome to stay and hang around the NGPD as if you never left. The only difference is that you'll no longer be included in the active members list and roster. But instead you'll be placed in the "Honorably Discharged" list. The NGPD is also a great way to prepare yourself for joining the EGB after being honorably discharged.

REDESIGN!!!! 2012

2012-02-07 19:13:23 by Gamewiz

It's the first 30 minutes of the redesign and I just want to say that I really, really like it. It'll take some getting used to for sure, but overall it's excellent. I can't wait for traffic to die down so it's easier to use without having to refresh a page a few times just so that you can get a little bit of that bandwidth :3

Anyway, I'm off to check out all the new systems, and levels and such. Thanks NG Team :D!!!!!

Part 2:

The site crashed after about 10 minutes of up time. But now things seem to be working much more smoothly. I'm really liking how much of the site is laid out, but I thing there needs to be a button at the bottom of each forum thread page to post a response to the thread, instead of just a reply button on each blurb that someone's said. I'm still poking around though, I haven't even visited any of the portals yet!

Five Years of being a Ng'er??!

2011-12-21 17:17:46 by Gamewiz

I just realized that 15 days ago was my accounts 5th anniversary. Which sounds impressive, but really I didn't start using Newgrounds that much until about 2009. Which when I think back is probably a good thing considering that 5 years ago I was only like 11, and well, we can only imagine how poorly that would have turned out if I discovered the BBS back then.

Anyway, even if I really should be only an '09er considering I don't know much about the LATE '07 and '08 history, I don't really care, at least I have something to show for my discovery of Ng other than some of you '10'ers out there who claimed to have been using Ng since like '06 :P

1000th Post

2011-10-29 16:32:05 by Gamewiz

Well, I've already hit my 1000th, and I shared it in the NGPD. I have a pic below of it. But it's been deleted for some reason. Regardess, I'm posting this news post to document that I've already done it prior to my 2nd thousandth post.

1000th Post

Why, Hello there.

2010-02-16 15:20:55 by Gamewiz

How are you doing on this fine, fine, day?